What is Bank Bazaar

Bank Bazaar is the first neutral online marketplace throughout the world that offers you quick customized rates on loans and insurance merchandise. You can get instant access to search, can compare and apply to loans, credit cards, and other insurance products on our website. BankBazaar.com is the only great deal that you look for because we have partnered with India’s leading financial intermediaries and insurance companies. Our goal is to create it as simple as everyone can urge a smart and sensible deal on loans or insurance items. BankBazaar.com permits you to make a comparison between the entire prices of offered loans and get access to authentic customer ratings about financial intermediaries. We want to simplify lots of choices for you, to assist you in clear and beneficial decision making and to acquire your favored product instantly. Moreover, our services are free of cost.

BankBazaar.com is different:

  • Offers you an instant search of India’s high financial institutions and leads you to better customized loan choices.
  • With our user friendly tools you can compare various offers.
  • You can apply immediately to any financial intermediary.
  • All these things are totally free to you.

The management team of BankBazaar.com
BankBazaar.com was initiated by a bunch of US-returned and local entrepreneurs from Deloitte, capital one, Amazone.com, Kraft, and Microsoft and includes Alumni from the faculty of engineering Guindy, Columbia University, REC-NIC Trichy, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and BITS Pilani. We are primarily located in Madras, India and our investors are a superb cluster from India as well as from USA.

Founder and CEO, Mr. Adhil Shetty and Mr. Arjun Shetty
Before the foundation of BankBazaar.com, Adhil Shetty was resident in the Big Apple, New York, and organized Deloitte Touche Tomahatsu’s US East alliance with the world’s top Data Management Company. Adhils has a master’s degree from Columbia University in negotiation with a specialization in international finance and business and has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Anna University’s school of Engineering Guindy. Arjun was connected with Amazon.com in Seattle, and was the organizer of Visa credit card program. He has a master’s degree from Georgia institute of technology in Operations research and a bachelor degree from the same institute and in the same subjects like that of Adhil Shetty.

Founder and chief product officer, Rati Rajkumar
Rati is accountable for client experiences on BankBazaar.com. Before founding BankBazaar.com, she was an efficient worker of Kraft food within the US and Taiwan. The launch and head to market operations of various Kraft foods’ brands in the export market is on her credit throughout the world such as Toblerone in Brazil and Milika in Us. She has a degree in business administration from MOP Vaishnav University.

Other faculty members of BankBazaar.com are CTO Iype Isac worked at Microsoft in Redmond, vice president of operation and partner management Abhishek Dwivedi, vice president Engineering Munish Sivagurunath, vice president customer service Vivian Josey. All the faculty members are highly educated and have good expertise in their relative fields and are performing their liabilities very well.


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