Unique Tips to Celebrate Diwali

Diwali is known as the festival of lights and a significant celebration in religions like the Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Janism. In Christians, Diwali is equivalent to Christmas.

Before the Diwali day, all must be clean like the rooms, clothes and etc. During the day of Diwali, it is usually common to everyone to wear new clothes and to share sweets.

At the evening, lamps called the diyas are placed around homes.

Commonly people get to exchange gifts and sweets to their friends and families. There are also fireworks displays during this day and also, play cards with friends and families for fun.

Aside from that, here’s a unique way to celebrate the Diwali Day.

1. Buy flowers like roses, lilies, jasmines, marigolds and etc. and make it a garland or lei, or put it to glasses or to anything that it will look attractive. Aside from it will add design or beauty to your home, it is said that it will lend a spiritual attraction to the puja.

2. Shop with someone you really don’t know. Ask him/her to help you in shopping or in choosing things in which you are going to buy. This is to attract more new friends that you may count on.

3. During this festive occasion, you must wear something that is traditional. For women, layer the chikan kameez with zari-bordered silk dupatta. For girls, wear an Indian blouse and top, while for men, you should wear kurthas or add some details if you want to look more attractive.

4. If you’re going to send gifts to your friends and families you must add some details that would best remember you. Or add things that are a sign for good luck for example.

5. Celebrate the Diwali with the whole family. Prepare tea, snacks and other foods or drinks. And have it served for the entire family, this is like a picnic. This is a significant way to show closeness to the entire family.

6. Put some decorations on your home like bells, for instance. Bells will create harmonious tunes to your home that will make you feel the occasion.

7. If you found that it is quite boring to send nuts, dried fruits to your friends and families, why not to gift them spices that are put up in a tray? It’s so simple to make and pretty.

You just have to arrange the spices in a tray, and seal it with a glass or a transparent wrapper and add ribbons to make it pretty. Your friends and families will be proud of your gift that you personally made. It is also useful to them. That is not just for design to their homes, but, they can also use it if they want to.

In the celebration of the Diwali, you can also celebrate with the rest who are celebrating the Diwali, even though that you are not with the same religion like them.

There are many names that is called in Diwali depending on the regions in India or any other countries that are celebrating Diwali.The Diwali is a symbol of a new life that is why more people are buying new things or starting a new project or opening a new bank account during these days. We wish you all a very happy diwali.


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