Petrol strike why we suffer

Day two petrol pumps strike running all over in india, In my word strike is solution of every problem.It is useless strike because we are facing problem from it.The oil sector officers’ association, an umbrella organisation of 45,000 employees in the public oil sector companies, called for an indefinite strike from Wednesday to coerce the government to give them wage hikes.
This is not a good way to slove our problem, we must find some other way rather then strike.

Now after day two every one facing problem from this strike,Most petrol pumps in the country started to run dry Thursday, the second day of the nationwide strike called by employees of public sector oil companies, while many leaders of the agitating workers went underground fearing arrests under the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA).

Since morning there is a rush at more then 65% petrol pump in India.Now petrol pumps start to go dry all over in India.Meanwhile, gas supplies are severely hit in the western region, where the ONGC’s facilities have been shut down. Consequently, GAIL India has not been able to process gas and distribute it to its industrial consumers, chiefly fertiliser and power plants.

There are already reports of power shortages in Maharashtra, while over a dozen urea plants are shut down. If this continue then we must be ready to face some more problem in upcoming days.Many two wheeler riders were seen pulling their scooters or motorcycles, as they were out of fuel. However, most fuel pumps resumed work in the evening.

It is fight between petrol pump organisation and Indian government but why we suffer?
Lets hope this doesn’t worsen the slowdown in India.
Read treading rules before investing.
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