Making Money During A Recession

Anyone who can plan ahead, organize himself, and have enough disciple can make money, even during times of recession. Actually, making money should be part of any adult life. How else can you survive independently? If you think that income becomes more difficult to earn during recession times, then you are a defeatist. You need to go out and be more positive about life. Being in a recession just means that less money is going around, but it does not mean there is no money.

The trick is finding that money, and getting some of it to go your way.

If you listen to the gloom and doom news that keep churning out everyday, you’re risking losing your sanity. You read about banks collapsing, firms closing shop, hundreds of people losing their jobs and homes. Does that follow then that there is no money? Nope! It’s just not going to the banks, to some businesses, and to paying credit.

If you read the papers religiously for the past 3 to 5 years, then you know that a recession was looming. If you were smart, you would have a considerable amount tucked away somewhere.

Now’s the time to get into the stock market, or buy up some real estate. The prices are rock bottom, with no where else to go but up in a few years. This means that when the economy does a complete turn-about, you’re holding on to some very lucrative assets. You’ll be awash with cash!

Here are some other ways you can make money. Find a gap, and plug that hole. It could be a home service business or home made quality products like meals to go, or starting an exercise class in your local neighborhood. You could also go online and find a good job placement website that advertises lucrative jobs.

Your skills and talents will come in handy right about now. Use them wisely. You could have a goldmine right there in your very own hands, and you don’t see it yet. Ask friends and family what they think is your talent and skills, and if you agree, then go for it!

However, above all, since you are marketing something that is personal, you must remember that it isn’t just a product, but also your name that is at stake. If you value your reputation, you will make sure that you do not get involved in any shenanigans. Evaluate your opportunities and if you plan to have a partner, make sure you get along, and agree about priorities.

With the recession, you will also be able to enjoy lower ad rates. Take advantage of that and advertise. Just make sure you place ads targeting your market. Do not just place the ads anywhere. This is not a case of hit or miss.

Most start up secondary businesses that make it only do so because they get pretty good reviews and referrals. This means giving value and quality to what you are offering. During recession, you need to address the needs of your target market, and price your goods or services appropriately. Don’t price yourself out of the market.

There is money out there, all you need is a little self motivation, a dose of intuition, a spoonful of wisdom and a lot of perseverance and guts.

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Quote of the Day:
“Recession can be a very threatening state in the business field. However, although times of crisis come and go, this doesn’t exactly mean that you would have to go with the flow and be affected with it every time it comes around.”- Kevin Tyler Smith

Don’t be afraid of losing everything during a recession. Your worst enemy is fear, and if you can switch to a positive attitude and know that there are opportunities waiting for you to grab, then you will find yourself breezing through the recession easily.


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