Benefits of fear A Motivation Reading

Nobody enjoys being feared. It is an uneasy feeling that usually sources from your inner instinct, that is your intuition. People are afraid about issues. Issues relating to relationships, jobs and so on. In today’s competitive world, tensions and depressions have all generated from a common source and that is fear. Who likes being afraid? No one does. But it may astonish that you can actually reap benefits out of this edgy sensation. This article would highlight some of the benefits of fear:

1. Emotions like fear, anger may trigger your mind and get you into a perturbing mode. Nevertheless, none of these feelings can be termed as waste. When we are afraid , our minds opens up and helps us to sort out our priorities. Until and unless we are afraid of anything in our life , we would perhaps drift away from something  significant .

2.  A past experience that has hurt you in some or the other way might leave you vulnerable while you face the same situation again. For example, many people are afraid of driving. But then, rash driving can harm you anyway. So in this case ,being fear is a good thing.

3. At some instances in our life, we might feel a little uncanny while we are in the midst of some task. Our subconscious mind might be giving us a hint of some danger and we usually tend to ignore it. According to studies ,such intuitions  often tend to pick up things that our conscious mind doesn’t take an account of.

4. Being conscious about your body, about how you look or about something that you aren’t good at is also a kind of fear. In these cases  ,one can transform this edginess into comfort by working upon it. Like for example if you are fat, work out. Do not avoid people around you. Accept your anxiety and show up to people and eventually you’ll witness your fear blowing away. Moreover  ,working out could get you in a good shape too.

5. Fear can help you rise up. Yes , you heard it right. Fear can work as a booster. When uncertainty and fear of future gets in your way, it works as a driving force to rejuvenate you and get set to work again. In this case,well fear has definitely done good to you.

Fear is an emotion that keeps you on track. It can help you to evaluate your possibilities and potentials. Everyone is faced with apprehension. How you react to it and resolve it can leave an impact in your life.


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