5 Investing Mistakes in Stock Markets

Investment strategies at first, mind sound simple. It is all about buying and selling that usually most of the people think. However, as human beings, we tend to make mistakes and stock market is not left untouched either. So yes, mistakes in the stock market could prove to be really traumatizing for you. Following is the list of 5 mistakes that one should take care of while dealing in the share market.

1. Clearly defined stock trading plan
One should never ever invest without a clearly defined stock trading plan. A well-conceived plan comprises of considerations of risk tolerance, time and future income. Therefore, one should make sure that all the points are covered before he/she starts investing.

2. Investment in the top performers
Investment in top performing companies is a good idea. Are you kidding? People indulged in investments related to mutual funds should be most aware of it. When the investments are only done by looking at the performance of the firm, an important factor -risk is generally not taken in concern. Investors must do an extensive research first regarding the fund’s performance and should take in account if the stocks are sustainable enough for a long heave.

3. Grab patience
Do not lose your cool frequently. Remember, there is a grave difference between a trader and an investor. You are the former, if you are only concerned with buying goods to sell them off for profits. But a true investor seeks high dividends and profits by holding his stock for years.

4. Being superficial
Trying to time the market with your superficial powers is certainly not a great thing. You aren’t granted with a magical dose that others lack. Do you? Nobody does.  You ought to have a balanced portfolio of stocks considering your risk tolerance and other factors.

5. Late beginnings
People often have a misconception that they should begin retirement investments at the time when old age grabs hold of them. Forlornly, it is so not the reality. The more late you start investing, the less better outcomes you get. Start it at a young age is always profitable as you still have a life to live!B


Taking risks is one of the most important parts of the business of trading. Though, one must duly take account of the mistakes mentioned above and try to incorporate them, in order to get better yields. But then, as it is said: mistakes are a part of life, learn from them.


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