5 Easy Steps to Select an Unbiased Insurance Advisor

It is often seen that when it comes to choosing a life insurance policy, we all would definitely approach someone who is trustworthy enough without assessing his skills. However, when it comes to us, there are certain set of points that we should keep in mind while choosing an advisor. You cannot obviously buy an insurance policy just like that. Since there is so much detailing that sometimes it becomes a headache to understand. Similarly, you cannot just get in touch with an insurance agent just because he is your uncle’s son’s friend. How rational is that? The above question serves as an answer of what are the 5 points that one should keep in mind while choosing an insurance advisor. Following is an illustration of the same:

1. Is your advisor certified?
Leave everything and just ponder on the most important fact about him. Is your insurance agent equipped with IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) certification?  Whenever a person intends to be an insurance agent, he/she has to follow certain guidelines issued by the IRDA on qualifying which eventually makes him a valid insurance advisor. Thus, before selecting your advisor, make sure that he has necessary documentation and a valid license to do the same.

2. The way of selling policies
A good advisor would never enquire about your affordability status. Instead, he would firstly ask you about your other policies, about how much you need to save for your children, their education and so on. Asking a client about his financial status and then suggesting a policy that matches to him is a big mistake.

3. Product knowledge
Be clear that the insurance advisor has an in depth information about all the kinds of policies and plans that his company offers. That shows how credible and knowledgeable your advisor is. Many times, we have observed that some agents lack information about their own company policies. A good insurance advisor in fact would equip himself with information about the other companies too. Thus, safeguarding his and the company’s reputation.

4. Don’t get pushed in
Often it has been observed that many advisors tend to force a particular product on his client without even giving a proper reason for it. In that case, you might have to look for someone else. That is because, no matter how varied choices you are thrown with, the final call is what you make. Unnecessary cribbing from the agent is totally unwarranted.

5. After sales service
A good insurance advisor would never mark selling the policy as the end of his job. After the policy has been bought, it is the duty of the advisor to update his customers about the latest and regular updates of the premiums and everything else that you would need to know in the future.

An insurance policy is not merely a vegetable. It is something that carries your hard earned capital. Getting the right kind of policy is one thing. However, that is only possible if you have a well and comprehensive advisor to guide you.


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