Unique Tips to Celebrate Diwali

Diwali is known as the festival of lights and a significant celebration in religions like the Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Janism. In Christians, Diwali is equivalent to Christmas. Before the Diwali day, all must be clean like the rooms, clothes and etc. During the day of Diwali, it is usually common to everyone to wear

What is Demat Account

Today we will talk about demat account,Demat – means a material is dematerialized. Here the demat mean the documents of shares that is in paper form will be demated and will be kep electronically in an account. This account is opened at many banks and majority of stock brokers. Your own bank where you have

What is meant by the Rule of 72

The “Rule of 72” may be a simple source to actuate the accurate or assumed time taken when an investment will yield double, accustomed with a standard annual interest rate. Investors can get an approximate calculation of years in which an investment will yield double by simply dividing 72 by the annual interest rate. Assume

Why you should plan Tax Early

Often it has been observed that everyone buckles up for tax returns just before a week or during the deadline extensions. Moreover, it becomes really cumbersome and hectic to run around until the last minute. However, this can avoided if you begin an early tax planning that would not only save your time but would

What Mutual Fund do with investors Money

Now today question is that What does a Mutual Fund do with investor’s money?Before answering on that I want to show some best article that are based on mutual fund. Read detail article about what is mutual fund. Below are available on best reading about mutual fund. Mutual Funds are financial intermediaries. They are companies

Benefits of fear A Motivation Reading

Nobody enjoys being feared. It is an uneasy feeling that usually sources from your inner instinct, that is your intuition. People are afraid about issues. Issues relating to relationships, jobs and so on. In today’s competitive world, tensions and depressions have all generated from a common source and that is fear. Who likes being afraid?

Wish You a Very Very happy In Deepawali

The Diwal is a significant festival in Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism, and an official holiday in India. Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights. People who are celebrating this, light diyas or the cotton string wicks inserted in small clay pots filled with oil. This is to signify victory of good over the

All You Want to Know About PPF

Public Provident Fund or PPF is a scheme and a long term investment product launched by the Indian Postal Department in the year 1986. PPF serves all the people that include the employed, the unemployed, salaried, and the unsalaried ones. The basic motto of PPF is to avail an income post retirement. The returns of

5 Easy Steps to Select an Unbiased Insurance Advisor

It is often seen that when it comes to choosing a life insurance policy, we all would definitely approach someone who is trustworthy enough without assessing his skills. However, when it comes to us, there are certain set of points that we should keep in mind while choosing an advisor. You cannot obviously buy an

Basics of Fundamental Analysis

We received too much emails related to Fundamental Analysis, Today I want to show Basics of Fundamental Analysis, before discussion on it we must know about Fundamental Analysis. What is definition of Fundamental Analysis: Fundamental analysis is a stock valuation method that uses financial and economic analysis to predict the movement of stock prices. Read