How to Avoid Email Scams

Did you ever receive an email from a stranger?  Did you open emails enticing you with promises? Sometimes or most often than not, these are email scams. You should avoid them if you want to be safe and secure while online most especially from identity thieves. These are the practical ways in order for you to be protected from identity theft.  Who are identity thieves?  They are burglars who have bad intentions towards you and your resources through entering your confidential information in your PC.  With these identity thieves growing in number and working hard to break in through your secret profiles in the internet, it’s necessary to get enough knowledge in protecting yourself.  Thieves try their best to get information about you through getting your email. Thus the most practical and effective way to prevent those thieves from making advantage to you is through avoidance of email scams.

How to Avoid Email Scams to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity thieves are burglars breaking in through your computer. With identity theft running rampant, it’s important to know how to protect yourself. One of the fastest, and sometimes easiest, way for people to steal your information is through your email. A way to prevent identity theft is to avoid the email scams.

Here’s a list of common ways in avoiding email scams:

  • Step 1: Never bite any line of suspected identity burglars

It is not easy to determine or detect if an email is coming from an identity theft or not, but sooner or later you will learn to know the difference of a normal scam-free letter to that of a junk scam email.  Never give to strangers your important information such as your social security number, password, birthday etc.

  • Step 2: Look for obvious mistakes in the e-mail

An email with errors or mistakes for instance in spelling or basic grammar could tell you that the email is actually a scam. Check as well the seemingly legal and legitimate email address of a particular company yet there is a presence of a typographical error, for example, Bank of “Amerika” in used in exchange of Bank of “America”.

  • Step 3: Secure all your information

Never forget to log out every time you open your computer and various accounts, lest identity thieves will get them and have access to your essential documents and other important accounts.  They will try to get your email and password.  In bank accounts always make a strong password by combining numbers, letters or even characters.

  • Step 4: Identity thief is fast and smart

If  you suspect of someone attempting to break into your email, immediately contact or call your email provider and swiftly change your password.  Be smarter and cautious.  Remember it only takes a few seconds for the burglar to steal vital information from you.

  • Step 5: Never try replying suspicious emails.
    If you decline or avoid responding to suspicious emails, then you will definitely save yourself from identity thief’s bad plans against you.  This way your life wouldn’t be messy and miserable
  • Step 6: Be wise . No matter what happens ignore any unfamiliar email requesting for money.  For sure this is either a scam or a junk mail.  It would cause you so much danger and risk once you bite the enticing words of the sender.  Without you knowing it you’ll be under his control and your money will soon be stolen…Hence, beware!

As a conclusion, always use common sense in view of the emails that may come to your inbox.  Remember, it’s never your duty to read and reply all the letters that may reach your inbox.

How to use Bing on your iPhone

Just recently, I got a request from one of my readers asking me the question on how to use the software bing in iPhone.  Well, I’m more than happy to do his request as I present to you this well researched, informative and educational article on the said topic.  Comments too are very much welcome!  So, read on folks! Have you encountered bing lately?  Well, bing is not a person’s name that you may look for or befriend. Bing is the latest wonder application from Microsoft, one of the world’s giant computer and software company.  This is the toughest competitor of google and yahoo in the field of internet online search engine or portal. Good news for iphone users, Bing can be downloaded for free from  You can find in this site the coolest and happiest new features for your iphone.

The unique and very efficient capability of bing as a search engine makes it very popular and revolutionary.  Thousands of comments comparing the performance of bing and google emerged like mushrooms in the field of computer technology.  Apparently, bing has a greater edge than google in so many ways.

Bing as a search tool is very sensitive when it comes to the type of information that you want to look for in the internet.  The results from Bing are pretty more accurate, interesting, very timely, clear and obviously relevant to the searcher.  For instance, if you type in the search box of bing the word school, the result would be a page containing major links to famous universities worldwide and the ability to give you essential details such as the school’s expertise, tuition rate, courses etc.,of those famous schools in your area.

Bing gives a wide array of very valuable links not only about the topic you are looking from formal websites, but even informal information coming from famous social networks like facebook and twitter.  For example, if you type in the search box where do you want to eat tonight in India, Bing will connect you to various links from peoples’ responses, information and first hand experiences regarding your question via facebook and twitter.  For instance, you will be told by these people from facebook and twitter who are mostly your friends, to try going to this and that restaurant because they have this affordable and delicious or exotic dish.

Here now is the step-by-step process on how to use bing:

  • After installing the free Bing software via to your iPhone,  simply  tap on the icon for Bing.
  • After tapping the bing icon, it will automatically load and you will see eventually the logo or the Bing image interface.
  • Then you can start the ball rolling.  A handy touch area to be found at the bottom portion of the page or screen will help you to search or look about anything you wish under the sun, name it, Images, Maps etc. And bingo! You’ll get exactly what you want!
  • To continue, there is a search bar on screen that you should tap from which a search bar will appear for you to use in typing your desired search question or anything you want to know about.
  • The most innovative part is the microphone icon!  By tapping this icon, you simply should speak the word or question you wish to look for without typing them anymore in the search box!  Quite amazing indeed! Fantastic!
  • Bing works both on your iPhone and on your personal computer and can be both used simultaneously!

Here’s by the way some helpful pictures and screen shots courtesy of Microsoft that will guide and help you go with the process of using bing in your iPhone:

According to the Microsoft, Bing for iPhone mobile will graciously aid you in searching everything that you need from the most basic such as local shopping malls, restaurants, recreational facilities etc., to the most complicated road maps, driving directions, weather information and even aerial picture all optimized for your iPhone. Below is the picture of the actual page:

Find the exact Map to find your way:
There are also helpful maps to guide and direct you in all your travels with updates on traffic and the like.  These maps will bring you to your desired destination fast and safe.  Below is the sample picture of the actual page in your iPhone:

Listen to your favourite music and downloaded songs:
There is nothing as great and wonderful than the updated and more powerful software listening device while surfing bing search engine.  Below is the related picture.

Act locally:
With bing it is easier now for you find your favorite hangouts, business establishments, restaurants, hotels and latest movies.  Actual page is to be found below.

Type Less, search more:
With Bing you practically don’t need to type your question/s, just speak to the speaker phone anything you want to be searched and eureka it will be there in front of you! Sample picture of the page is here below.
SO Best of all, you can search for anything in the Bing iPhone app using just your voice!

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In conclusion, Bing in short has a touch of being particular, specific and even personal approach in providing quick information to what you’re searching compared to google’s  very broad, general and indirect results to what you’re looking.

Easiest Way to Activate Your iPhone at Home

The moment you got your first iphone unit, immediately, your preoccupation is to activate it so that you will satisfy your excitement.  Setting up your new iphone is not that difficult because there are a lot of possible friendly-user ways on how to do it.  The process of setting up the iPhone for new users is so simple, while for those who upgraded their first generation unit of iPhone to 3G, there is also no problem at all since the process of activating your new iPhone 3G is practically the same with that of your old iPhone.

Now let’s go to the detail of activating your new iPhone.  Usually, the set up process in order for you to finally start using your great gadget will take you from 10-12 minutes.

It is presupposed here that as a customer, you will do your activation of the iPhone unit at home.  Apple Company gave important good news to customers of iPhone by announcing that iPhone users may actually use iTunes to in their process of activating the unit.  This process from Apple is indeed a good breakthrough in the phone-buying process of the said Apple Company.   These customers will be happier now to do the activation of their gadgets from the comforts of their homes.  This is indeed a redefinition and an amazing revolution in view of activating your iPhone in your home instead of the hassles of lining up in the iPhone center just to have the activation.

Because of this possibility of activating your iPhone at home, then you will definitely be relieved from the many anger provoking actions and treatment from the iPhone store employees.  There will be no more hassle of waiting and wasting your precious time for the employees to do vital transactions for your iPhone such as transferring your numbers and other information’s from your old phone to your newest iPhone!  Isn’t it cool then to activate your iPhone at home with all its comforts?  Definitely yes!  It will be Apple iTunes that will guide you in the easiest friendly way in view of activating your iPhone and setting up all the necessary data and programs.  The key therefore in order for you to activate your iPhone is a PC or a laptop where you can download iTunes and connect your iPhone to your laptop and bingo the software of iTunes that will automatically activate your iPhone. Syncing of your iPhone to iTunes will make the activation smooth flowing.

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As a conclusion, having an iPhone nowadays is already a necessity which should boost your status quo and moral.  Once you decide to have it, then, there is no need to worry to activate it for you already know those options and the steps on how to use it well and for satisfaction.
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Apple: Three Million iPads Story and Review

The iPad, an extra hi-tech gadget developed by Apple for its highly dynamic and sophisticated market, made a breakthrough based on its initial sale in the US in just less than three months.  An estimated three million units were sold to exciting customers. This new amazing gadget from the Apple Company is a multi-tasking product that is considered by Apple as something magical as it gives the users the ability to be connected with the various available apps, content and most importantly the internet.  The experience of the iPad users with regard to the internet is now more relaxing, intimate, very personal, user-friendly and truly enjoyablecompared to other existing gadgets of the same category.

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple company declares graciously, that their aim with this gadget is to make iPad a basic necessityfor most people not only in the field of business and technology, but also in other fields of life around the world.  A lot of people are indeed fond of iPad due to its marvellous features and amazing benefits to their daily lives and affairs.  The CEO of Apple is targeting the release of the iPad in nine important booming countries in the coming months.

Experts of Apple and other developers came up with exciting new apps for iPad that total to more than 11,000 which utilize the Multi-Touch™ user interface among others.  These apps take advantage too of the iPad’s wide screen and very clear, high-quality graphics.  This newly released gadget will be running with the available 225,000 or more applications existing on the App store which also include other available apps which were already bought for the iPod touch or the iPhone.

With iPad, the magical gadget dubbed by Apple, users have the chance to surf and browse the web, go over with their personal emails, share and view pictures, download and listen to their favourite music, watch the recent HD movies, open and read eBooks and a lot more internet related activities.  All these enjoyable activities can be done utilizing the amazing multi-touch user interface of the iPad.

The iPad size is extraordinarily thin, just 0.5 inches and its weight is only 1.5 pounds, more light and thinner that any existing netbook or laptop.  It has also a very powerful battery that can last up to 10 hours of life, though it would also depend on how you use your iPad, its device settings and many other factors.

Indeed nothing so far can beat the features and the chic style of the iPad.  Its unique and amazing features make iPad to be truly revolutionary and fantastic indeed!  Thanks to the excellent creativity and inventive passion of the Apple Company.  With iPad’s birth, Apple is undoubtedly bringing to the forefront of technology a more exciting way of life and a way of living which is definitely comfortable.

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In conclusion, the iPad is but a gadget worth owning since everything you need about mobile media and computer services are intertwined and these can all be found in this fabulous and user-friendly gadget!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Banking

Online banking can simply be defined as the process of entering into transactions by a particular client and the bank using modern technology.  With the various capabilities of the computer and other technological developments, online banking is one of the many businesses that benefited from it.  Since banking plays a very important role in the economy of a nation, then there is truly a need to maximize and improve its features to be client friendly and easy to access.  There are of course the advantages and disadvantages of online banking.

Among the advantages of online banking include the following:-

  • Very convenient.  Online banking is a totally easy thing to do.  In the comfort of your home or offices, you can do whatever monetary transactions you wish to do with your bank.
  • Unlimited service day and night.The services and various features of your bank are always available seven days a week and 24 hours daily.The most interesting thing here is that, everything can happen at just one click of your mouse.
  • No time constraint. Online banking is also stress free because it never closes unlike the traditional banking that has cut-off time.
  • Easy to access via PC. Using your personal computer, you can easily do various transactions with your bank in view of your business or any other personal or financial matters.
  • Easy way of payment. Bill payments can also be handled properly and smartly.  Instead of waiting for certain due dates, you can easily pay all your transactions using your computer and in coordination with your bank.
  • Smart.  Online banking is also ubiquitous or simply put smart.  This enables you to do troubleshooting regarding any problem that may arise from your business.
  • Higher interest rate. Another great advantage of online banking is the interest rates which basically range between 5% to 3.40% annually.   Unlike the traditional banking, online banking can earn you a better interest or return of investment both in your savings and checking account.
  • Easy transaction.Another advantage is the speed of every transaction.  Online transactions, compared to ATM or traditional banking, works faster.  Thus business matters could benefit so much from this speed feature.
  • Banking online is both efficient and effective.  With just one secure site, all your financial transactions can be managed orderly.

On the other hand, the following are the disadvantages of online banking:-

  • First is the slow processing from the moment you entered a financial transaction with your bank via the computer.  Usually the bank will require you to submit certain documents like an identification card, signature and the like.  Not only will the bank online require you to submit documents but also to provide special power of attorney in cases where you want to do transactions together with your spouse.  A concrete example is when you want to manage all your wealth and resources together as a couple and you wish to view it online.  Certain technical procedures regarding online banking may be taxing too and complicated.
  • Another disadvantage is the so-called learning curve.  This means, banking online especially in locating the sites may be complicated and hard to find.
  • Another disadvantage is bank site changes.  If this occurs, the bank will require you to re-enter all your information again and other related data.
  • Finally is the trust aspect.  Online banking should be entered very carefully if you wish to enjoy your financial life.

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As a conclusion, banking online has its benefits and discomforts and it will be up to the client to choose which for him or her is more convenient, hassle-free and efficient.