How to Reduce Weight

Dieticians and nutritionists agree that the best way to lose weight or to reduce it is by simply drinking plenty of water.  The most number of glasses is 8 or more. If religiously observed, losing weight will be a fast possible and easy reality.  Not only does it help you reduce weight but it will also cleanse your internal organs.  Water is the primary cause for you to loss appetite for food, thus whenever you crave for something to eat then you will no longer give in to eating because the water you took will make you feel full.  This is therefore the obvious reason why water does great wonders, miracles in reducing your weight.  Hence, by all means drink plenty of water from now on!

Now here are some natural ways in helping you to reduce your weight

  • The very first consideration to take is measuring your BMR or the so called basal metabolic rate.  Upon knowing your calculated calories, this will now guide you in view of how much you need to reduce with your calories.
  • Come up with a diet chart containing all the food advised by your dietician to take during your meals.  Follow strictly the guidelines to make it effective
  • Do a regular exercise which may include all your favorite sports.  Practice yoga or any form of meditations as well.
  • Eat a variety of fruits like strawberry, apples, oranges and others.  Eat also green leafy vegetables.  Cut down of sweet and fatty foods.
  • You need to cut down also your salt intake.
  • Minimize drinking of milk and eating milk products such as butter, cheese, etc.
  • Eat only lean or white meat such as fishes like salmon, sardines etchant chicken as well.
  • Spices such asblack pepper, ginger, cinnamon, mustard, etc.are great aid in helping you lose weight…
  • Always take a good and a healthy breakfast comprising high fibered cereals, fruit juices, and fresh salads.
  • Keep track and count always the calories that you intake. Reducing portion size will definitely help you lose weight faster.
  • Avoid stress always!

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In conclusion, if you follow these tips very sincerely and with constancy or persistence, then you will surely reduce your weight and that will keep you healthy and confident!

Avoid Dangerous Essential Oils in Pregnancy

Every mother wants to have all good to be given to their baby, same as when they are pregnant. Many things must be avoided by mother during pregnancy as this may harm the baby and also the mother herself. There are some things that are already commonly used by mothers during pregnancy, but it is actually never needed to perform due to the recent studies shown. This includes using of essential oils during pregnancy.

Essential oils might cause changes in hormone levels and could be a source for miscarriage among mothers. This happens as there are contractions happened in the uterus. In avoiding these cases, you must see your physicians first before using essential oils. And also, these tips may follow you:

1) Have a good check
There are products that have essential oils into the ingredients. You don’t have to use those products until your pregnancy is over. You only need to avoid products such as soaps and shampoos or other products containing essential oils.
2) Let them know
From the above mentioned, if you are going on a spa or salon, you must tell the person in charge that you want to be careful and so you don’t want to use products that are containing the essential oils. By this way, the person-in-charge will be using other products which are not containing essential oils.
3) Home products
Another product that is rich to essential oil is the candle. There are many candles that are being added oil essentials on their ingredients to have a pleasant smell. So, if you have candles at home, you may try to keep it on your cabinet and if you are not pregnant you may use it again. This is just a tip for you in order to keep off products that are containing essential oils.
4) Check.
In avoiding those products that have essential oils, you must check the ingredients of the product before buying or using them. Once you have a product that is containing essential oils, you need not to throw them off on your trash cans, rather, keep it until you finish your pregnancy days.

Quote of the day:
In order to feel safe for mother and baby inside the tummy, safety is the best way to avoid unwanted accidents that may occur during these days.

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Before trying essential oils during your pregnancy, you must ask a physician first if it is good for you to use. However, not all essential oils are bad during pregnancy. Lavender oil and peppermint oils might be good during pregnancy. These essential oils may be better to relief their morning sickness and could not cause anything harm for the mother and the baby. Enjoy our health articles every Saturday, and have a good and safety health.

How to get six packs abs

This is getting popular in the men’s community ever since. But there are many ways and even maintenance in achieving the 6 pack abs. And achieving this will take lots of effort, time and patience.

Here are some steps in getting a 6-pack-abs:

Do crunches.
The crunch exercise is somewhat popular to the call as the curl-up. This is one of the most common exercises for the abdominal muscles. It is said that is safer than the sit-up. In doing this, you must lie on the floor with your arms in front of your chest. Before, it is performed with the arms at the back of the head. But research shows that when exercising that way may cut some of the nerves on the head. So in order not to experience that, you may place your hands on your chest or just touch your ear rather than putting your hands on the back of the head. Next is to raise your shoulders until it reaches your knees. It is not important to lift your entire back as this may cause your back a strain. In doing the crunches you may do its different types like the reverse crunch, dragon flag, twisting crunch, Thai crunch, cable crunch, and bicycle crunch.

Do sit-ups.
Sit-ups are strength training exercise which commonly performed for strengthening hip and abdominal muscles. When doing this, you must lay your back on the floor with your knees bent, and elevating the back from the floor until all is superior on your buttocks is not touching the ground. It is to be dangerous as it may be due to a compressive lumbar load. For much safer exercise alternative to sit-ups, you may replace it with the crunches.

Do leg lifts.
Leg lefts can be done by lifting your feet from the ground while doing sit-ups or crunches. This is also known as the bicycle crunch wherein you’re exercising like you are bicycling. You may do some alternative to this which is to bring your left knee up to touch your right elbow and vice-versa.

The jackknife is a type of sit-up where in you will lie down on the floor and placing your hands on the ground. You will raise your knees and torso so that your knees and face will meet. For a much experience you may try to put on weights between your feet, to gain more effort.

V-ups can be done by just lying on the floor with legs and hands on the floor. First is to raise your legs and torso without bending your knees. You must reach with your hands onto your raised feet and as possible, you must touch your feet for a test of flexibility. After that, you must relax, and try to the do the exercise again. Yu may also try to put weights between your feet.

Do the Statics.
Your position must like be in the push-ups. The difference is that your elbows must be on the floor. This is the static hold position. You must be doing this as long as you can. For the beginners, they may take it for 45 seconds while for the pros; they may do it for at least 5 minutes. Another static exercise is the side static. It can be done by rolling into one side of your body and then you must lift into the same position with your one arm only on the ground. For your other arm, you must lift it straight upwards. Just like the hold static, you must try to stay long for this.

Train your muscles.
These are best for the muscles on your sides. You may do this on the twisting machines found on the gyms while you are performing sit-ups or crunches, you may even do side bends or twisting your side with the use of a medicine ball. At first, this would not be so important. But eventually, you’ll like these training as it help in building your side muscles.

Try other things.
Now that we have already given you some of the basic steps in having good abdominal muscles, you must try to experiment other exercises in having good abdominal muscles. You may different crunches or sit-ups in doing abdominal muscle building.

Now that you have gain knowledge in having your dream abs, you must try to lose those fats. Here are some tips:

Lift weights.
Lifting weights is a good way in burning the fats in your body. It requires more effort to stabilize your muscles. Cardiovascular training must always be done after you lift your weights because of the fact that your body have less stored energy to use and recycled into the fat storage as it is being used.

As you are eating, your metabolism becomes slow and if you are eating something every three hours, your metabolism keeps on burning your calories that will help you lose weight. In your diet, you must include lean meat, so that your body really needs to work out to lose more fats and also this can slow down your metabolism which is a good help in shrinking off your abs.

Eat small.
Every dinner, if you’re hungry, you must eat foods that are less in fats or calories. Eating heavy will just ruin your weight loss procedure. To avoid this, you must eat heavy during your lunch or snacks. So that when it reaches the dinner time, you are not that hungry. Fruits and vegetables are also good to eat, and even the nuts. And you must drink water before eating.

Eat foods high in fiber.
Eating with fiber rich foods are good in your healthy diet as it helps to burn your calories. Fiber rich foods are those that are found in the whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Or you may take fiber supplements as well.

Eat breakfast.
Many people really don’t time for eating their breakfast. But, lunch is the most important meal of the day. If you don’t eat your breakfast, you are just ruining your diet. Eating your breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even if you eat heavy lunch, it is good because breakfast eating may be good as it may make you full at your lunch and for most people, it makes them feel full in dinner. If you eat heavy breakfast, you can only eat small lunch which is good because you may only take few calories.

Drink water.
You must drink water regularly. You may also drink tea without sugar in it. Tea can rev up your metabolism. However, if you are feeling hungry, you really don’t have to drink many just because you want to be full; you only need to eat if you are hungry. But if you still feel hungry after you’re every meals, you really don’t have to eat more, may be it is the fact that you are thirsty.

Avoid some foods.
You must avoid starchy foods like, white rice, white flour, or refined sugar as these foods are metabolized into fat. You must also avoid high sodium foods as it will hold more water.

Quote of the day:

If you really wanted to get your dream 6 packs, you have to keep yourself motivated. Your aim must have a good attitude towards your motivation. A good tip for this is having your practice a good planner just to record your fitness program. If you think that there’s something wrong with your lifestyle, you must try to change it to reach your goal. You may also try to have monthly photos of yourself, so that you may see the changes in your body every month. If you change your lifestyle for this diet program and you found it good, try not to ruin it. For people who are already skinny, and really don’t hav
e a good abdominal muscles, you may also perform exercises while doing other things. It is advisable to drink coffee before you workout as this will boost your metabolism and burn fat although your workout. You must try to keep an effort in making your abs strong. You must not drink milk or food before you exercise as this may not help you in burning your fats. Instead, you may eat or drink them only once a day.

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If you want to be sure that these tips are good for you, you must still need the help of the physician before you are going to change your workout habit, especially if you have health problems. If you have back problems, you may still try other exercises or ask your physician about what is the good exercise for you. And don’t overdo your workouts. If you found out that you are feeling pain in your body, you try to relax or even stop for a while and continue it the next day. By the I do not have six Pack abs 😉

Medications for Your Children

Friends, This cold season, children are prone to cold and flu. Although there are many medications available you need to make your child comfortable with or without medications. Here are some technique that you can follow or take care in your mind, I hope those will be helpful.

Keep hydrated.
You must keep your child hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids which helps loosen the mucus.

Try drops and bulbs.
Saline nasal drops may help stuffy noses and mucus can gently suction from the nose with a bulb syringe.

Placing a cool mist humidifier in the room may help relieve a stuffy nose.

If your child’s pediatrician says that he’s old enough for hard candy, sucking on hard candy or cough drops can help sooth a cough.

Most of the times, when children get sick, with cough cold or flu, it is always accompanied with fever and you want to bring his fever down and make your child feel better, you have to know that:

Infants under two months always requires medical treatment if they have a fever over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. For older babies, a mild fever may need nothing. Most children with fevers under 102 degrees Fahrenheit need no treatment. Even if fever is higher, if your child is getting plenty of fluids and is acting normally, it may be best to let the fever run its course. When you give fever reducer, always check your child’s temperature before each dose. The fever may have gone down on its own. Use pain relievers sparingly, too. Little bumps and bruises don’t need any medication. However if your child insist that the pain is severe, see a pediatrician. It might be something serious.

Quote of the day:
When figuring out a dosage for children, weight matters more than age. Even so, most medications give recommended dosages by age; so check your pediatrician if you’re not sure which dose will work best for your child.

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Watch out for ingredient duplication. Many medications include multiple active ingredients which could give your child the same active ingredients from several sources.

Diet Health Tips

Do you like parties?More people are in the mood with plenty of delicious food around. This is the special time to be with close family and friends. But remember; do not let your cholesterol and blood pressure shoot up. Small tiny changes will make the biggest difference for those who wonder how to lose belly fat. We say small tiny changes because it doesn’t affect you in a big way and doesn’t add stress to your life. To get rid of belly fat while you enjoy the food, here’s how:

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.
When you go through the dinner line don’t be greedy. Grab a little bit of this and a little bit of that. This will give you a chance to try a lot of different dishes and when you finish you can go back for seconds.

Hold off a little before you have dessert.
You must hold off a little before you have dessert between 30 minutes and 1 hour if possible. It’s better to wait a little before having dessert like pies or anything that has a lot of high-processed sugar content. When you eat something with high-processed sugar content you increase your blood sugar and cause your body to store the food calories that you’ve just consumed. By having dessert right after you eat dinner you are making it very difficult to get rid of belly fat. You are essentially opening the gates wide open to storing more and more belly fat so hold off a little bit before having dessert.

Eat slower.
Take your time and enjoy your food. Don’t stuff yourself. Your brain is slow to tell you when your stomach is full. There’s a window of 10-15 minutes time before you find out that you’re full and if you stuff yourself within that period of time you may have gone past the point of no return.

Quote of the day:
Remember, it’s not how you get rid of belly fat that you added over the holiday season but to apply these helpful techniques in your diet.

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The way of eating and having a good body depends upon how you manage yourself. It’s important that you should be patient in doing the things that you would love to get. Enjoy reading more of our health article and stay having a healthy life.