About Method~Of~Solutions Team

Methods of Solution! Our name speaks clearly for itself.  It’s a company that do all its best to provide you with the best solutions and precise answers to your life primarily in the field of business, banking, finance industry, economy, gadgets, health and other related facets to attain success in general.  This is our identity: we are a dynamic team whose aim is to make other people’s life easier, happier and more worthwhile to live by extending to you the best written, interesting articles and educational outputs in view of the mentioned areas above.

In our collective effort of bringing you our vision and mission, we put premium on the following qualities that bind us as a team in doing service to you. These are: Excellence, Reliability, Commitment, Professionalism and Efficient Service.  These are the five pillars that support our philosophy and goals as a company.  It is from these keystones where all of us in the company work hand in hand for the realization of our dreams and objectives.

Excellence: We aim to be the best in the field of providing quality written output, practical advice and other form of help to our readers whether big or small, taking into serious account what our clients want or may need through their questions in view of our write ups, even to the extent of doing the ‘extra mile’.  We look forward to being recognized as India’s most renowned in this field and eventually as one of the world’s top notch provider of essential and vital information to anyone who may be in need of our expertise and valuable services primarily in the area of business and industry and other related factors.

Reliability: Though young and fresh, our track record in the online marketing business is something that is respected, established and anchored in a solid foundation.  Thanks to the initiative of our founder and CEO Mr. Shakti Dulawat who has been in the online business for quite sometimes now.  Mr. Dulawat is an expert in his field has been tirelessly reaching out to people not only within India but even around the globe in assisting various people to manage and go about the many financial or otherwise concerns about their lives. Hence, it his from his inspiring feats and hard work, that our team draw its energy and enthusiasm to be the most reliable article and other service provider in the whole worldwide web.

Commitment: We treat every particular client with utmost care and full attention.  Our total commitment to our clients is measured by their positive and highly satisfied feedbacks to the articles we publish which may help them in deciding what to do with their present problems most especially in terms of money and business.  Our founder himself is very much passionate with this endeavor because he believes that out of our selfless committed and dedicated service to the people whom we worked a revolution will be born, a revolution towards success in each and everyone’s lives!

Professionalism: As a team, we really mean service and business in the strictest sense of the word. Thus, we say, act, relate and transact everything about our article publication and other operations in the spirit of professionalism. Dealing professionally with all our clients, most especially in providing them with the articles that they badly need is our top most priority.  We try our best to be also dynamic and at the forefront of sharing to our clients all the effective and modern approaches and strategies in the world of business, industry, economy and technology.

Service: Our happiness and satisfaction as a team lies on the fact that we render valuable and timely or even timeless services to our readers and clients.  We see to it that we respond as soon as possible to all your queries, and do the best that we can to help you with our practical and wise advice.  We see to it that at the end of the day, we put a smile on your face and a bright hope in your heart, knowing deep inside us that we made a difference in your lives and leave a mark in your respective existence.

Disclaimer: While we have made efforts to ensure the accuracy of our content (consisting of articles and information), neither this website nor the author shall be held responsible for any losses/ incidents suffered by people accessing, using or is supplied with the content.