Lord Ganesh and Investment Strategy Ganesh Chaturthi Special 2012

Lord Ganesha fascinates people of all ages. With large ears, long nose and narrow eyes, Lord Ganesha has always been regarded as a source of great knowledge and wisdom. Not to forget his two eternal powers-ridhi and sidhdhi: the sources of wealth and health. So yes, we were discussing about Lord Ganesha and his eternal supremacy over everything that is beyond the scope of this article. However, on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, let us ponder on some of his qualities and his persona that an investor must seek to possess from his traits.

Ganesh Ji is an inspiration for people associated with marketing and similar business. His ability to solve problems, communication skills, his goal-oriented nature and ability to remove obstacles is a source of sheer motivation. There is so much one can learn from him.

From an investor’s point of view, the first and foremost thing that must learn from him is patience. Lord Ganesh’s long trunk (the reason he being called as lambodar) denotes the ability of possessing patience that is something which an investor must incorporate in his life to achieve success as we all know it takes time for fruits to ripe. Many of us might have heard a common phrase: “ I am all ears” that indicates the skill of a person to listen and comprehend attentively. Similarly, an investor must have large ears just like Lord Ganesha that would enable him to be a patient and a keen listener. Listen and read, feed your wisdom from the different sources like print or media, blogs, sites, newspapers magazines more you input in your brain larger will be the return on your investment.

The business if marketing is extremely profitable when the time is right. Nonetheless one must for see the dangers camouflaged in the eye candy that this business offers. The long nose of Lord Ganesha is an indication of his capacity to for see any danger and warn us. Thus, an investor should always be vigilant and be a keen observer.

There is a famous epic tale about Lord Ganesha that teaches us about his intellect and witty nature. Once Kartikeya and Ganesh Ji bet that whosoever would complete one round of the whole earth would be termed as a winner. As Kartikeya moved as swiftly as he could, Ganesh Ji encircled Lord Shiva and Parvati and he eventually made his point clear that his entire world resides in his parents. Such an intelligent persona he held. His broad forehead is a storehouse of intellect and wisdom that is necessary when a person is dealing with such a risky business like investing and share marketing.

The elephant seems to veer as he walks but he keeps moving on the path. His leisurely grace and the skill of promptly solving the problems inspire investors to keep a track of their expedition and be capable to remove any obstacles.

An investor’s career is full of inexplicable adventures that are sometime good or bad. His voyage is indeed full of baffling people and strange instances. Lord Ganesh has a unique image of absorbing everything within him and adapting himself to it. Likewise, a true investor chooses adaptability to various circumstances of profit and losses as a part of life, reflects his image and keeps oneself updated with time. By incorporating these things, an investor can eventually really rise up to attain Ridhi and Sidhdhi in his life.

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