How to Open Current Account in SBI

by Divesh Singhvi on September 18, 2012

Many of us might be quite uneasy when it comes to opening a bank account. The term bank account only makes people fret as banks have their preliminary images of delaying work all the time.

Current bank accounts are primarily for people who have numerous daily transactions. Such people include businesspersons, public enterprises, companies, and firms. Current accounts are non-interest bearing accounts. They are cheque-operated accounts that are not meant for either earning interest or for savings. A person availing a current bank account can deposit as much money as he/she can. However, he should make sure that he has funds to his credit.

 Everyone has and needs a bank account of his own. Some are well accustomed with the features and steps to open a current bank account. Nevertheless, for those, who intend to open an account for the first time, it becomes a little uneasy. Therefore, following are some steps that would direct you to how to open a current bank account in SBI (State Bank Of India):-

Pre-requisites required:

 To open a current bank account with SBI, one has to submit the following documents:-

  1. The company proof with whom you are working. This might include a registration certificate like VAT registration etc.
  2. Your PAN card along with an address proof that may comprise of voter id, telephone bill, Unique Identity card or any government certified Identity proof.
  3. Two passport size pictures.
  4. The company seal.

 Points to remember:

  • One has to make an initial deposit of 10,000 INR if the person is an urban resident. In case of rural and semi-rural areas, it is 5,000 INR. This is the  lowest and minimum balance that should be maintained throughout.
  • When you are ready with all the above documents, just walk into your nearest SBI branch and open your account.

Best Readings:

It takes just a day for the account to get activated. The chequebook is sent to the communication address while the account number and passbook would be given to you on the same day.

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