Guidelines for opening a saving account with the States Bank of India

India is a South Asian country with a lot of business and working options for the residents of Indians either citizens or outsiders. States Bank of India is a leading financial intermediary throughout the country. The bank offers lots of different accounts including saving accounts with a smart rate of interest, 3.5% per year. Potential customers who want to open a saving account in State Bank of India are recommended to visit the branch personally, however, online services and ATM cards are also offered for convenience. Before we start you can also review our old article about Open a Savings Bank Account With SBI we are just updating old article with new formats.


  1. Check out the nearest branch of the Bank of India to you by visiting its official website.
  2. Call or personally visit the branch of the State Bank of India where you want to open a saving account. Things that are vital for opening an account is cash, a check or money order. The minimum account opening amount is about 1,000 rupees or $19 whereas the age limit is 18 years.
  3.  Ask a bank instructor that you are here to open a saving account. The instructor will then direct you towards a State Bank of India accounts opening representative.
  4. The bank representative will then ask about certain details like your full name, father’s name, address, phone number, citizenship and email address. You have to provide authentic information.
  5. Submit your deposit to the bank representative. An international ATM card that you can use anywhere in the world can also be accessible on demand but it will charge a bit charge you per month.
  6. At the end you will receive a passbook and a password for your account that will make you able to inquire your account status via internet. Details related to your ATM card and other account information will be sent to you within 10 to 20 business days.

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It is good to have a saving account with the States Bank of India for all Indians no matter what their income source is. The account opening is very easy, and it is good to make a personal visit to the branch to get authentic information.


  1. ramanakumar vadarevu says

    please open my saving account from sbi bank location of suryalanka road branch bapatla guntur district andhrapradesh

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