Forgiveness As A Sweetest Revenge

One of the greatest weapon that any warrior or fighter can ever have in his wars at battles is no less than forgiveness.  Since the time of the early Greeks and Romans, they believe that the most powerful weapon that they could ever give to their enemies is no less than forgiveness.  In the history of mankind, the greatest story which was ever told was on how Jesus Christ offered himself as a ransom for many.  He shed his precious blood on the cross in order for us to attain forgiveness from the Father.

Jesus was crucified to fulfill the mission of god the Father.  Jesus’ crucifixion is the apex of the salvation of mankind.  Had Jesus not been crucified or resisted crucifixion, humanity will remain in darkness and everyone will eternally be damned to hell.  The theology of His crucifixion is said to be the most profound and deep for all Christians and it is one thing that humanity should be very thankful about.  This mystery of crucifixion brings us hope and joy, an event in human history that is marvelous yet misunderstood, wonderfully amazing yet shameful in a sense for all the Jewish community.

To be crucified during the time of Jesus is the worst punishment that a criminal will undergo.  That was the primary reason why many faithful followers of Jesus after his crucifixion wavered and dwindled.  But soon after, He resurrected and changed the course of history.  He brought that enormous light that signals our total redemption and being saved.

Nothing therefore could even beat the perfect message of Christ’s crucifixion simply because from that somber mountain of the Calvary life and death got a new and momentous meaning.  His blood shed on the cross, his precious life offered for mankind can never be surpassed by any other human feat or deed.  Can you imagine a son of God offering Himself on the shameful cross naked and insulted for a sin He in fact is never responsible?

Well, from shame, the cross now assumes the symbol of love.  Christians draw from the cross the merciful and healing love which it gives through the power of Jesus’ blood.  It goes without saying then that as followers of this one true God, Jesus Christ, we must never be ashamed to suffer like Him and follow all His divine footsteps towards the cross.  After all this perfect example shown to us by Christ will eventually lead us to resurrection.  The glory of being an apostle of Christ is reached after the crucifixion.  All of our pains and difficulties here on earth will eventually be rewarded in the life here after.  Thus let us all work hand in hand in bringing the message of the cross through all the earth, shouting, chanting, celebrating for this precious redemption God the Son has unselfishly shared to us.  Only then could we be truly worthy of His love, mercy and redeeming grace shed on the cross by His most precious blood.

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In conclusion, we too must be like Jesus, the Savior for the Christians, a great prophet for the Muslims and a revered person for other religions of the world.  His sweetest revenge is ultimately forgiveness of man’s sinfulness.  Life will truly be wonderful with forgiveness reigning in our hearts.  Happy weekend!



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