Importance of Patience in life

One of the most time-tested philosophy of the most successful people around the world is “patience makes you reach to the stars”  This simply means to say that if we are always patient or happily industrious with everything we do and all the things that come our way, then realizing our dreams will never become impossibility.  In life, patience makes a great difference between two people who may be happy in life.  If someone is happy just because he has all the riches he aimed through patient labour, then such man will have a happiness that may last for a lifetime.  This man will certainly value so much and take good care of all the things he got in life through hard work and patience itself.  On the other hand, a person who is happy with his riches may not be completely enjoying such richness simply because the happiness in having all his wealth was not a product of hard work and patience.  Perhaps his parents or a fortune or luck may have given him the chance to get rich.

The most patient people in the world are the Chinese.  They get rich by patiently earning even from one single cents out of their profit.  Their secret formula in success with their business is to be patient in earning even if it’s a small amount, because later on you will reap the harvest of being patient.

Another very famous worldwide example which we can imitate with this positive attitude of being patient is our very own and India’s pride, Mother Theresa of Calcutta.  She is undoubtedly a perfect model of patience.  Before becoming a nun she suffered a lot of things in her life which she simply took with a grain of salt and very patiently.  Mother Theresa showed to the world how patient could make all your heart’s desires come true and how it can change the world.  She patiently served the lowliest and outcast of society.  She saw to it that people are not alone in facing all of their sufferings and even in their deaths.  She took to their shelters those who were unwanted by their families, rejected by society, afflicted with sicknesses such as aids, the poor, the hungry, the naked, the thirsty in short all of India’s unfortunate people.  Like Jesus, Mother Theresa showed utmost patience in loving the unlovable, serving the outcast, caring them up to the point of forgetting her own needs and her own self.  The world has nothing but praises to this perfect example of patience personified.  She was even regarded during her lifetime as the “living saint”.  Because of her patience the Church recognize Mother Theresa as one among her saints, with a capital “S”, Saint!

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As a conclusion, let us always remember that patience indeed is a virtue, and a powerful virtue at that that can transform a society in the long run.  It can also make you a saint and reach heaven.  We must therefore make patience as one of the pillars of our life principles.  We must exercise this virtue every so often so that one day we will not regret all the things that may happen to our lives.  Let us make Mother Theresa and her patient works as our model.  Only then can we truly become happy individuals.


  1. narju arasti says

    I love Mother Theresa so much!!!!!Mr. Shakti thank you very many for honoring her in this article!!!!i owe you one!!!!more power to you and may your tribe increase…we will be prayin for you!!!


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