Steam Bath: Its Advantages And Disadvantages

A steam bath is defined as an ancient type of bath which was made popular and used first in ancient Greece and Rome. The origins of this steam bath started from the Roman bath.  Ancient Roman baths became an important part of many communities and social gatherings in the Roman society. Everyone in the Romanempire used these public baths, whatever is his socioeconomic standing. The Roman baths were basically working through natural hot springs that come from beneath the earth.

Today, there are still some natural steam baths which often utilize similar process which the Romans did use.  It contains particular pipes and pumps that bring water up and towards the large pool portion. In most case, heaters are also now included in these steam baths in order to maintain the warm temperatures in the baths.

Among the common forms of steam bath include the following: Turkish baths, steam showers and steam rooms.

Advantages of Steam Bath:

  • A lot of people know that steam rooms give a lot of benefits and advantages. The most common and obvious reason is to relieve tension buildup and various forms of stress.
  • Steam bath will definitely give people a soothing and relaxing effect most especially after a hard day’s work.
  • It does not only relax your muscles but most importantly it will keep your emotional mood more stable and happy.
  • Various ailments such as arthritis, muscle pains and the like can be relieved because of its warm effect to the body.
  • Old people will surely benefit from this since joint pains and other body pains can be relieved.
  • It can also help reduce weight for those who are fat and in need of losing fats.
  • Steam rooms due to its heat effect make you sweat a lot thus your body will eventually release toxins and other negative energies.
  • It will also regulate and stimulate the flow of your blood and make your metabolism works faster.
  • It also makes your skin looks fresh, young looking and truly healthy.
  • It can give you a lot of self-confidence due to the good effects it will cause to your personal appearance

Disadvantages of Steam Bath:

  • Since steam baths uses tap water, the things in it will be absorbed by your skin such as chlorine, and other chemicals which may not be healthy to your body.
  • The humid temperature of a steam room is an easy breeding ground for bacteria and other viruses which may pose a risk in your health.
  • Improper installation of these steam baths may cause headaches to the users.
  • The heat emitted from the steam room may not be good for those who have asthma and heart problems.
  • It is quite costly and if you have more important priority, you may not install one at the moment.

Best Reading:

In conclusion, you must always see first your physician if going to a steam bath will do you more benefit than harm or disadvantages.  It will be a more worthwhile experience if you are going there with safety precautions from your doctor.


  1. Moncuteguy says

    I like this article so much!!!Thanks for sharing its advantages!!!More on this type of article shakti!!!!!

  2. Marco Vega says

    Hi Cutecavi4u,

    Cancer is a life-style condition, which can be reversed or controlled by something as simple as a change in lifestyle, healthy eating (vegan preferably), no sugars, no or little alcohol and no processed foods. I should know, as I was diagnosed with 3rd stage lymphoma over 14 months ago and chose the alternative path (no allopathic medicine at all). In regards to your question, the answer, in my opinion, is yes, but not on its own. I started my treatment at a natural therapeutic clinic in Santiago Chile where steam baths were part of the daily treatment to detox your body.  The skin being the largest detoxifying organ benefits as well as stimulating your lymphatic system and circulation. I follow my treatment daily and built a portable steam sauna, (which I manufacture and sell commercially now) and which I’ve used daily for over a year, without evidence of fungus, as the natural wood used has natural antifungus properties. The center in Santiago uses steam as an essential aspect of healing, unless you have hypertension or heart conditions it is not recommended. I saw a healthy 86 yo man taking baths everyday. It is great for skin conditions, such as eczema etc, but you’ll soon realise that those are more related to food. But it helps  Check out my site (under construction – ready within a few days)  or write to me at if you would like to know more about the portable steam we make or if you’d like to know more about the healing process and how it is used at the center.

  3. says

    how many days we use steam bath? .. after get out from stream bath.. can we take a bath with normal water ? when we go in to steam bath do we need to use lotion..

  4. naveen says

    In winters after steam bath , should we take bath from normal water(as it is already chilled) or hot or luke warm water

  5. says

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  6. leela says

    i work with a steam generator manufacturer company and as far as my knowledge steam kills bacteria from inside n outside of a human body..outside on the uppermost layer by providing sufficient heat to kill germs n bacteria n inside because it strengthen the immunity .
    i think the second point in disadvantages of steam is not valid enough.

  7. Mahesh Khandelwal says

    Should we take steam bath on daily basis ?. After steam bath we take bath but which is better – with chilled water or normal water.

  8. shwetali says

    Its very helpful in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of steam bath.i really like the way it is clarfied in the simple language. Thanku so much . Good!!!!!


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