Apple: Three Million iPads Story and Review

The iPad, an extra hi-tech gadget developed by Apple for its highly dynamic and sophisticated market, made a breakthrough based on its initial sale in the US in just less than three months.  An estimated three million units were sold to exciting customers. This new amazing gadget from the Apple Company is a multi-tasking product that is considered by Apple as something magical as it gives the users the ability to be connected with the various available apps, content and most importantly the internet.  The experience of the iPad users with regard to the internet is now more relaxing, intimate, very personal, user-friendly and truly enjoyablecompared to other existing gadgets of the same category.

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple company declares graciously, that their aim with this gadget is to make iPad a basic necessityfor most people not only in the field of business and technology, but also in other fields of life around the world.  A lot of people are indeed fond of iPad due to its marvellous features and amazing benefits to their daily lives and affairs.  The CEO of Apple is targeting the release of the iPad in nine important booming countries in the coming months.

Experts of Apple and other developers came up with exciting new apps for iPad that total to more than 11,000 which utilize the Multi-Touch™ user interface among others.  These apps take advantage too of the iPad’s wide screen and very clear, high-quality graphics.  This newly released gadget will be running with the available 225,000 or more applications existing on the App store which also include other available apps which were already bought for the iPod touch or the iPhone.

With iPad, the magical gadget dubbed by Apple, users have the chance to surf and browse the web, go over with their personal emails, share and view pictures, download and listen to their favourite music, watch the recent HD movies, open and read eBooks and a lot more internet related activities.  All these enjoyable activities can be done utilizing the amazing multi-touch user interface of the iPad.

The iPad size is extraordinarily thin, just 0.5 inches and its weight is only 1.5 pounds, more light and thinner that any existing netbook or laptop.  It has also a very powerful battery that can last up to 10 hours of life, though it would also depend on how you use your iPad, its device settings and many other factors.

Indeed nothing so far can beat the features and the chic style of the iPad.  Its unique and amazing features make iPad to be truly revolutionary and fantastic indeed!  Thanks to the excellent creativity and inventive passion of the Apple Company.  With iPad’s birth, Apple is undoubtedly bringing to the forefront of technology a more exciting way of life and a way of living which is definitely comfortable.

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In conclusion, the iPad is but a gadget worth owning since everything you need about mobile media and computer services are intertwined and these can all be found in this fabulous and user-friendly gadget!


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