Open a Savings Bank Account With SBI

by Shakti Singh Dulawat on January 6, 2010

Friend in save money series will now bring you how to open savings bank account in SBI. SBI is known as the State Bank of India. SBI offers their customers bank accounts which the customers need in different situations. Also the SBI includes savings account, current, PPF account, salary accounts, senior citizen and retirement savings account, no frills account, group account, demat account corporate group account, business current account, online bank account for the world wide web use, 3-in-1 account for online trading, international banking Nostro and Forex trading account, NRI accounts like NRE, NRO, FCNR accounts and so much more.

In opening a bank account in SBI (State Bank of India) you must need to ready some requirements. What you need are identity proof, address proof and a photograph. However, there are other things you must consider when opening a bank account in SBI and it is usually just a click away. Here’s how:

1) First and foremost, we mentioned, with just a click away. Meaning it is by the computer. Sounds easy, right? Then, you need to go on the SBI site and you have to use the locator so that you will know which the nearest branch of SBI near you is. By this, you will be noticing that there is either a close branch of SBI near your location or home.
2) Second, is when you go to the site of SBI you must print the account opening application form. Or you may try clicking the Forums section of the SBI site. For new persons who are into opening account, you have to download and print the two forms that you will see in the SBI site. Well, for those who do not have a printer at home, you have to go to the nearest SBI branch near you and you must fill up the application form.
3) Once that you have the printed application form, you must include other requirement like including your picture in the application form and also other documents that could be needed in the filing of application of the bank account. The pictures must be passport-sized. Of course, the filing of application needs the very important requirement which is to bring your opening deposit.
4) Now that you have all of the requirements, you have to choose from the above mentioned type of bank account you will use. If you want you may choose for the savings account or either the savings account plus. The savings account plus include a free ATM card, with free internet banking and many more.
5) If you want to be sure on how it is savings application is working and the needed requirements, you must call the hotline of the SBI which you will found in the site of SBI. SBI now provides your Account Balance and Transaction details over phone round-the-clock. Information on deposits & loan schemes and services also available. Call 1800112211 (tollfree from BSNL/MTNL)

You will surely love the benefits of having bank account in SBI because the great findings you are looking for in a savings account can be found in SBI. Online banking plus ATM card is a plus, this way; you won’t be able to go on the SBI branch near you just to have transaction with the bank. Plus, you will like good service they offer from the customer and SBI are giving away great interest rates and minimum charger and other good benefits from SBI is that it has advanced services that is perfectly bringing their customer to their needs. Now, all that you need in a savings account will be found in SBI.

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Before having a bank account in the banks, you must consider the factors and the services that are offered by the bank. You may either search for the good factors and benefits before having a bank account that you like.

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